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This is a Museum page

The Hardware concists of several different boards, in order to make the prototype modular. This modularity has the advantage that if something needs to be changed (because it doesn't do what it's supposed to do) you simply replace the specific part instead of the whole prototype.

Please note: this hardware and FPGA code is not finished yet, both are delivered "as-is", e.g. you make the hardware at your own risk. We might change the hardware, without prior notice, as we progress with our hardware development.

See the documentation (links below) for more information on the different boards.

Download sections

  • Documentation
    • Contains a description of the RFID Guardian Hardware V3 REVB
  • Schematics
    • Contains all the schematics of the RFID Guardian Hardware V3 REVB
  • Artwork
    • Contains the artwork (==layout) file for each board of the RFID Guardian Hardware V3 REVB
  • Errata
    • Contains all known errata for the RFID Guardian Hardware V3 REVB
  • FPGA files
    • This section contains the VHDL/Verilog code and other files for the FPGA